Monday, 1 November 2010

After London

Survival shelter built for the show after London to house the archive!
After London - How we learnt to survive
4.11.10 - 21.11.10

Sassoon Gallery
213 Blenheim Grove
SE15 4QL

After London: How we learnt to survive is an investigation into how we might survive at the end of the world. Taking an imagined apocalypse as its starting point, Sisters Burn have collected advice, thoughts, musings and more abstracted reflections on how we could survive when everything is gone. The project will be centered around a community- generated ‘apocalypse library’, where visitors will be able to digest an archive of information related to the idea, housed in a survival shelter desinged and built by artists Jaimie Barker and Chris King along with architect James Binning.

After London is set to be a fascinanting, educational, collaborative arts project concieved by curating collective Sisters Burn. The project is the next in a series of experimental exhibitions taking place at Sassoon Gallery in Peckham. The exhibition will open on the 4th of November with event weekends occuring throughout the month.

Ecstatic Labour 2010. Hand screen printed pamphlet. Edition of 100. Available in Donlon Books and in Hoxton in London, Grotto in Manchester. Also on sale in at the Serpentine Gallery, London.

Ecstatic Labour 2010. Hand screen printed pamphlet comprising of images of womens faces in ecstatic labour for the exhibition.

In the survival shelter. 'Ecstatic Birth' is on display top center.