Friday, 27 January 2012

Youtube screen printing project at Hotbed Press.

I have been working since December 2011 on a series of new large scale screen prints in an Arts Council England funded project. I am teaming up with curator Poppy Bowers to show these works in a solo exhibition in 2013. To date I have produced 3 works, two of the prints I have just made will be shown in the Crossley Gallery for the exhibition Digital Romantics. I have a studio at Hotbed Press in Salford and work in the Press printing large scale. The unusual aspect to these works is the way that they are exposed. This is with a normal digital projector. It takes many tests per print to achieve the exact colour balance and the intricacies of working on such a large scale throw up many problems. Not just the fact that it takes two people to carry the screen! Here are a selection of images which show myself and Ivan Liotchev working in the studios at Hotbed.

Exposing with a digital projector.

 working on the large screen bed.

checking out the print at the Yellow and Magenta stage.