Thursday, 6 September 2012

Galerie Deadfly - Life is Beautful

Image : Maurice Doherty, director Galerie Deadfly Berlin. 

I just got back from Berlin where I showed another work from the Youtube Series at Galerie Deadfly in Friedrichshain Berlin. Maurice runs the gallery in a really lively part of the city. It is the forth in a series of shows called Life is Beautiful. Maurice chose one of the most ambiguously sexual images of the series to show and it was pretty fascinating to overhear some of the comments around the work because a fair amount of visitors to the opening night believed they were looking at porn. When I explained (or they read the title) and realised it was a birth, their attitudes to the work appeared to change quite profoundly. This time the work was hung using supermagnets.

Installation shot 'Life is Beautiful'

‘A szülés természete’ The natural way of birth Four-colour screen-print on Fabriano paper 101 x 148 cm 2012 Helen Knowles

Installation shot of opening night of Life is Beautiful : work by Fred Pedersen