Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Installation Work

One Tree Exhibition

Stripping the bark from the Oak tree that was felled for the exhibition. An Oak was felled at Tatton Park and 70 makers used different parts of the tree to make work. I used the oak bark to tan leather and create a leather floor shown below. This was part of my residency work at Jodrell Bank Science Centre and Arboretum 1999 - 2001 a setting-up-scheme project run by North West Arts Board.

Leather Floor Oak tanned leather dimensions variable, 2001. Created for the One Tree Exhibition.

'Sailing Species Installation'

The Newsletter of the Lanscape and Art Network. Number 21 Autumn 2000.

'Sailing Species'. Mono-prints on sealed Whatman Filter Papers. Installed on water at Brereton Heath Country Park, 2000. Collaboration with Elizabeth Stuart Smith.

'Lipstick Empire'

'Lipstick Empire’ 6 x 4ft greenhouse, lipstick and cast plant fibres, Dundee Botanical Gardens, 1999.

This work was part of a group show called 'Pollinate' led by a Dundee Arts Collective. I was interested in exploring ideas of colonialism and linking this with the migration of plants, I found a snakeskin handbag in a charity shop and began to muse on the 'otherness' of this object, it's exoticism, I cast it in a very opposing but similarly fibrous material of paper. I wanted to create an exotic space within the gardens, thinking about the handbag I stumbled upon the idea of lipstick. Thick slabs of it covered the walls of the greenhouse. Inside you were overcome by the smell of this heavy substance.

'Lipstick Empire’ 6 x 4 ft greenhouse, lipstick and cast plant fibres. Dundee Botanical Gardens,1999.